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from conans import ConanFile, CMake
class VanetzaConan(ConanFile):
name = "Vanetza"
version = "master"
url = ""
license = "GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v3"
settings = "os", "compiler", "build_type", "arch"
requires = "Boost/1.60.0@lasote/stable", "OpenSSL/1.0.2j@lasote/stable", "cryptopp/5.6.5@riebl/testing", "GeographicLib/1.46@riebl/testing"
generators = "cmake"
exports = "cmake/*", "tools/*", "vanetza/*", "CMakeLists.txt"
options = {"static": [True, False]}
default_options = "static=False", "OpenSSL:no_electric_fence=True", "OpenSSL:no_zlib=True"
def build(self):
cmake = CMake(self.settings)
if self.options.static:
build = build % ('OFF')
build = build % ('ON')'cmake "%s" %s %s' % (self.conanfile_directory, cmake.command_line, build))'cmake --build . %s' % cmake.build_config)
def package(self):
self.copy(pattern="*.hpp", dst="include/vanetza", src="vanetza")
self.copy(pattern="*.h", dst="include/vanetza/asn1/gen", src="vanetza/asn1/gen")
self.copy(pattern="*.a", dst="lib", src="lib", keep_path=False)
self.copy(pattern="*.so", dst="lib", src="lib", keep_path=False)
def package_info(self):
libs = ['asn1', 'btp', 'common', 'dcc', 'facilities',
'geonet', 'gnss', 'net', 'security']
self.cpp_info.libs = ['vanetza_' + lib for lib in libs]
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