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howto: socktap for Cohda MK5

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# Building Vanetza for Cohda MK5 using Cohda SDK

This document describes step-by-step how to build Vanetza using the Cohda SDK.
At the end, we have Vanetza libraries and its *socktap* tool cross-compiled for Cohda MK5 devices.

## Cohda SDK

[Cohda SDK]( is provided by [Cohda Wireless]( along with their [MK5]( units.
Since you are reading this build how-to you most likely already possess one of these units.
This how-to has been created for the Release 14.1 of the SDK.
The following instructions are expected to be done within the virtual machine (VM) provided by Cohda.

## CMake upgrade

Unfortunately, the CMake version 2.8.12 included in the Cohda VM is too old for building Vanetza.
You can overcome this situation easily by downloading a more recent version, e.g. [CMake 3.1.3]( or newer is known to work well.
Just make sure to download an i386 build of CMake because the VM runs a 32-bit Linux.
After downloading CMake, extract it in your home directory and add the CMake binary path to your PATH variable:

cd /home/duser
tar xzf cmake-3.1.3-Linux-i386.tar.gz
echo 'export PATH=$HOME/cmake-3.1.3-Linux-i386/bin:$PATH' >> .bashrc

Verify that the newly installed CMake is now used by default:
cmake --version
This should output `cmake version 3.1.3` if CMake is working correctly.

## Vanetza build dependencies

Compilation of Vanetza depends on several third-party libraries, e.g. Boost, GeographicLib and Crypto++ as mentioned in Vanetza's README.
For the sake of simplicity, we provide the pre-compiled dependencies for Cohda MK5 as compressed archive.
This archive contains *Boost 1.65.1*, *GeographicLib 1.49* and *Crypto++ 5.6.5*.
The archive can be downloaded from [](
MD5 checksum of *vanetza-deps-20171129.tar.bz2* is `853a2833fde0266674d4a4dbe22fe7ef`.
Extract the archive's content into `/home/duser/vanetza-deps`.

## Compile Vanetza

We assume you have copy of the Vanetza repository in your home directory at `/home/duser/vanetza`.
Create a build directory and tell CMake to use the cross-compiler installed in the Cohda VM and to look up additional dependencies in `vanetza-deps`:

mkdir vanetza-build
cd vanetza-build
cmake $HOME/vanetza \
-DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=$HOME/vanetza/cmake/Toolchain-Cohda-MK5.cmake \

This builds the Vanetza libraries only. Enable the **BUILD_SOCKTAP** CMake option if you want to try *socktap* as well.
Fortunately, *socktap*'s additional *gpsd* dependency is already shipped with the Cohda SDK itself.
You only need to specify its location by setting **GPS_LIBRARY** to `/home/duser/mk5/stack/v2x-lib/lib/mk5/libgps.a` and **GPS_INCLUDE_DIR** to `/home/duser/mk5/stack/v2x-lib/include`.
Please note, that *socktap* does not make use of Cohda's socket API currently.
We might provide a modified *socktap* application in the future.

## Deployment

1. `make install`

Compile and link *socktap* with correct RPATH, binaries are copied to `$HOME/vanetza-dist`.

2. copy runtime dependencies

Copy the shared object files (*.so) from `$HOME/vanetza-deps/libs` onto the MK5, e.g. to `/home/duser/vanetza/lib`.
3. copy *socktap* onto MK5

Copy the files from `$HOME/vanetza-dist` to `/home/duser/vanetza` on the MK5, i.e. Vanetza libraries and its dependency libraries are located in the same directory.
You can execute *socktap* located at `/home/duser/vanetza/bin/socktap` and it will look up its shared objects in the sibling `lib` directory.

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