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Codebase for the blog post #HOWTO: Generate documents from Word templates with Docx4j on Wildfly 14

Steps to run this project:

  1. Clone this Git repository
  2. Navigate to the folder generate-documents-from-word-templates-with-docx4j-on-wildfly14
  3. Build the application with mvn clean package
  4. Start you Docker deamon
  5. Build the Docker image with docker build -t word-generation .
  6. Start the app with docker run -p 8080:8080 word-generation and wait till the application is deployed to Wildfly
  7. Send a HTTP POST to http://localhost:8080/resources/messages with the following data
	"lastName": "John",
	"firstName": "Duke",
	"message": "Hello World!",
	"salutation": "Mr."

and store the result as a .docx file. Or use the following cURL command: curl -XPOST -o result.docx -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"lastName": "Duke", "firstName": "Tom", "salutation" : "Mr.", "message": "Hello World from Wildfly 14"}' http://localhost:8080/resources/messages