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Codebase for the blog post #HOWTO: Intercept method calls using CDI interceptors

Steps to run this project:

  1. Clone this Git repository
  2. Navigate to the folder intercept-methods-with-cdi-interceptors
  3. Start your Docker daemon
  4. Execute buildAndRun.bat (Windows) or (chmod +X ./ required, Linux & Mac)
  5. Wait until the container is up and running
  6. Access http://localhost:8080/resources/payments/mike in your browser and you should get HTTP 400
  7. Access http://localhost:8080/resources/payments/mike with HTTP header X-Secure-Payment (either use Postman or curl) and you should get HTTP 200
  8. Access http://localhost:8080/resources/payments/duke with HTTP header X-Secure-Payment (either use Postman or cURL) and you should get HTTP 200 and you should see the manipulated amount in the logs
curl -XGET http://localhost:8080/resources/payments/mike
curl -XGET --header "X-Secure-Payment: true" http://localhost:8080/resources/payments/mike
curl -XGET --header "X-Secure-Payment: true" http://localhost:8080/resources/payments/duke
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