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Codebase for the blog post #HOWTO: Deploy a React application to Kuberntes

Steps to run this project:

  1. Clone this Git repository
  2. Navigate to the folder react-app-kubernetes
  3. Make sure your Docker engine with Kubernetes support is enabled
  4. Build the React app with npm run-script build
  5. Dockerize the application with docker build -t my-react-app .
  6. (Optional if you don't deploy to a local cluster) Create a local Docker registry with docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --restart=always --name registry registry:2
  7. Tag the Docker image with docker tag my-react-app localhost:5000/my-react-app
  8. Push the Docker image with docker push localhost:5000/my-react-app
  9. Create the Kubernetes service and deployment with kubectl apply -f deployment.yaml
  10. Visit http://localhost:31000 to see your React application
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