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Codebase for the blog post #HOWTO: Deploy a Spring Boot Uber-Jar application within Open Liberty

Steps to run this project:

  1. Clone this Git repository
  2. Navigate to the folder spring-boot-with-open-liberty
  3. Build the project with mvn clean package
  4. Download the latest Open Liberty (at least from and extract the zip
  5. Navigate to the wlp folder you extracted and run bin/server start defaultServer or bin/server.bat start defaultServer for Windows
  6. Open the server.xml file in wlp/usr/server/defaultServer and replace the content with the following configuration:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<server description="new server">
    <httpEndpoint id="defaultHttpEndpoint"
                  httpsPort="9443" />
    <applicationManager autoExpand="true"/>
    <springBootApplication location="spring-boot-with-open-liberty.jar"/>
  1. Copy the already built (step 3.) spring-boot-with-open-liberty.jar to wlp/usr/server/defaultServer/apps
  2. Visit http://localhost:9080 for chatting and http://localhost:9080/api/messages to get all chat messages