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theppl: the successor of the markov thebeast probabilistic programming platform

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theppl (pronounced "the-people") is a (p)robabilistic (p)rogramming (l)anguage/platform. It is designed to overcome the fundamental problem with probabilistic programming: the difficulty of scaling it up to real world applications.

To achieve this, it relies on modularity: Developers can hierarchically compose modules (aka templates) into larger modules. Submodules can be designed in declarative ways (say, through MLNs), tailor-made (say, a parser using a dynamic program) or downloaded from other module providers.

Modules can be orchestrated in various ways: pipelines, as joint potentials, in isolation etc.

Modularity allows developers to (a) inject specific inference know-how if needed, (b) design and test their system in a divide-and-conquer manner, and (c) reuse existing components.


theppl uses sbt for building and installation. If you don't have sbt on your machine, get it here. Then run:

sbt publish-local

Now the theppl library is installed locally and can be used by adding dependency to your sbt/maven builds.

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