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Find file Copy path
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function usage {
echo "Deletes a VM with all its associated resouces, except Data disks."
echo "Usage:"
echo " <virtual machine name> <resource group>"
echo ""
echo "Arguments"
echo " <Virtual machine name> The name of the Virtual machine to delete."
echo " <resource group> The name of the resource group to search."
echo ""
echo "Example:"
echo " myvm01 mygroup"
# Check to see if we have two arguments at least
if [[ $1 = "" ]] | [[ $2 = "" ]]; then
echo "Gathering information for VM" $1 "in Resource Group" $2
# Get VM ID
vmID=$(az vm show -n $1 -g $2 --query "id" -o tsv)
# Did we find the VM?
if [[ $vmID = "" ]]; then
echo Could not find VM $1
# Get OS Disk
echo "Seeking Disk."
osDisk=$(az vm show -n $1 -g $2 --query "" -o tsv)
# Get a list of public UP addresses
echo "Sniffing IPs.."
ipArray=$(az vm list-ip-addresses -n $1 -g $2 --query "[][].id" -o tsv)
# Get a list of NICs
echo "Getting NICs.."
nicArray=$(az vm nic list --vm-name $1 -g $2 --query "[].id" -o tsv)
# Get a list of NSGs
echo "Discovering NSGs.."
nsgArray=$(az network nic list -g $2 --query $nsgQry -o tsv)
echo Deleting VM $1
az vm delete -n $1 -g $2 --yes
echo Deleting Disk ID $osDisk
az disk delete -n $osDisk -g $2 --yes
echo Deleting Network cards $nicArray
az network nic delete --ids $nicArray
echo Deleting IPs $ipArray
az network public-ip delete --ids $ipArray
echo Deleting NSG $nsgArray
az network nsg delete --ids $nsgArray
echo Done with $1.
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