Scripts to install and optimize Nextcloud (based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64Bit) with NGINX, MariaDB, PHP, Redis-Server, fail2ban, ufw and Let's Encrypt certificate
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Clone or download - install Nextcloud using a shell script

The initial script ( will install your self hosted Nextcloud within few minutes fully automated. Your server will be built of:

Fail2Ban (Nextcloud and SSH jails)
MariaDB 10.3
Nextcloud 15
NGINX 1.15.7 TLSv.1.3
OpenSSL 1.1.1
PHP 7.2
self signed or Let's Encrypt SSL using the second script
UFW (22, 80, 443)

The only precondition for the script is to utilize Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as your on-prem server OS. Optionally request your ssl certificate from Let's Encrypt by issuing the second script called "".

Ready to go? Let's start:

Find out more information: Build your Nextcloud Server using shell scripts only

Beyond that you will find additional scripts at /usr/local/src/install-nextcloud/

to optimize and maintain your system easily.

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