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A Clojure client for Riemann. This is just a small wrapper around riemann-java-client; see its documentation for more details.

Riemann Clojure Client testing


Download from clojars: Clojars Project

(require '[riemann.client :as r])
(def c (r/tcp-client {:host ""}))
(-> c (r/send-event {:service "foo" :state "ok"})
      (deref 5000 ::timeout))
@(r/query c "state = \"ok\"")

All operations return deref-able Riemann Promises, supporting both the untimed and time-bounded deref operations. Deref will throw for IO errors, or when the server returns an invalid response. You can and should retry these operations. Note that the client will not accept unbounded writes; calls to send() when the client's local buffers are full may return immediately with an OverloadedException.


To connect to a Riemann server using TLS, please refer to for building a CA certificate, signed key and cert.

(def c (r/tcp-client {:host ""
                    :port 5554
                    :tls? true
                    :key "client.pkcs8"
                    :cert "client.crt"
                    :ca-cert "ca.crt"}))
@(r/send-event c {:service "foo" :state "ok"})
@(r/query c "state = \"ok\"")

:key, :cert and :ca-cert could be any type of File, URI, URL, Socket, byte array, and String arguments. If the argument is a String, it tries to resolve it first as a URI, then as a local file name. URIs with a 'file' protocol are converted to local file names. (Check for more information.)


Copyright © 2012--2015 Kyle Kingsbury

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.