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Release Name: 0.4101 2008-08-16
* Updated to use new method system
* POD Changes
Release Name: 0.4001 2010-07-27
* Started using git and github
* Normalized version accross plugins.
* POD Changes
Release Name: 0.34 2010-07-25
* Added canned responses from Net::Amazon.
Release Name: 0.33 2009-08-28
* Added secret_key option required by Amazon now.
Release Name: 0.32
* Changed license to allow option of GPL
Release Name: 0.31 2008-02-28
* Requires higher verbosity to print all info so it is much
quieter when quiet is not set
* Requires Music::Tag 0.33
* Pod improvements
* Now using Pod::Readme and Test::Spelling
Release Name: 0.30 2008-02-23
* Added amazon_info option and several new set values
* Set upc and ean and will search by these
* Example code
Release Name: 0.29 2008-02-21
* Added option to set several internal objects, such as the cache
* Fixed bug in lwp method which would cause it to create a new
object every call!
* Kwalitee improvments
Release Name: 0.28 2008-02-11
* Split off from Music::Tag distribution
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