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Release Name: 0.4101 2010-08-20
* Added File::Slurp and File::stat as a requirement
Release Name: 0.4101 2010-08-20
* Added DateTimeX::Easy as a requirement
Release Name: 0.4101 2010-08-16
* Another rewrite of the method system. Now you can pass
pbp=>1 when importing to get PBP style get_ and set_ methods.
* Bugfixes and POD cleaning
* Added a test module for module testing
Release Name: 0.40_03 2010-08-01
* Text::Levenshtien was not being detected.
Release Name: 0.40_02 2010-07-28
* Fixed minor testing issue, which caused test to assume that
Text::Levenshtien was installed.
Release Name: 0.40_01 2010-07-27
* Normalized Version number accross plugins
* Started using git and github
* Added capability methods to plugins (required_values, set_values
and saved_values). Not sure what to do with them now...
* Significant improvment in testing, which found bugs that
were fixed.
* Tracknum and Discnum didn't work correctly
* Epoch times failed completly.
* Fixed severe memory leak by with weaken
* Changed accessor modules to not use Autoload
* Fixed a few open file handles that didn't have a close.
Release Name: 0.33 2008-02-24
* Revised POD (thanks Ivan Tubert-Brohman for Test::Spelling!)
* Added the ability for plugins to set a verbosity level with
status method
* Added datamethods upc and ean with value checking. Sets one if
other is set.
* Cleaned up some of the code
* Started using Pod::Readme for README and CHANGES
Release Name: 0.32 2008-02-23
* Fixed critical bug with Term::ANSIColor
Release Name: 0.31 2008-02-22
* Added example
* Added used_datamethods method
Release Name: 0.30 2008-02-20
* Config::Options .07 now required
* POD and Kwalitee changes
Release Name: 0.29
* Fixed bug in autoplugin default settings preventing ogg and flac
from working.
Release Name: 0.28 2008-02-11
* Seperated plugins into seperate distributions
* Revised module detection code to actually work
* Plugins for autoplugin process are now loaded based on a new
option, autoplugin This option is a hash ref of file extenstions
to plugins
* Revised POD
* Added simple test script now that plugins have been seperated
* Revised help in musictag script
* Added option to use --[presetname] to call a preset in musictag
Release Name: 0.27 2007-12-17
* More documentation and tested POD.
* datamethods method now can be used to add new datamethods
* Added test for MusicBrainz and Amazon plugins
* Revised releasedate and recorddate internal storage to store as
releasetime and recordtime -- with full timestamps
* Added releasetime, recordtime, releaseepoch, and recordepoech
* Support for TIME ID3v2 tag
* After much thought, replaced Ogg::Vorbis::Header with
Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl and added vorbiscomment to write
* Revised OGG and FLAC plugins to clean up code (much slicker now)
Release Name: 0.26 2007-12-10
* Removed several prerequistes that weren't used
* Fixed error in README about prerequisite
Release Name: 0.25
* Support many more tags for flac, ogg, and m4a
* Removed autotag safetag quicktag musictag musicsort musicinfo
scripts All is done by musictag now
* Added tests for some plugins. More to do!
* Bug Fixes
* Documentation improvments
* Added preset option for musictag
Release Name: 0.24
* Bug Fixes
* Revised MP3 Tags to read Picard tags
Release Name: 0.23
* Initial Public Release