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Can't seem to use this to fix tags #1

frioux opened this Issue March 08, 2011 · 1 comment

2 participants

fREW Schmidt Edward J. Allen III
fREW Schmidt

I just got a bunch of music that has misplaced (it seems) tags. Music::Tag reads them fine, but amarok seems to think that the artist is "Various Artists" I've tried a number of ways to fix the file and the following "nuclear" option seemed the most correct:

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use 5.12.2;
use warnings;

use Music::Tag;
use File::Find::Rule;
my $directory = shift || '.';

my @songs
   = File::Find::Rule->file()->name( '*.mp3' )
   ->in( $directory );

foreach my $song (@songs) {
   my $info = Music::Tag->new($song);
   my $d = $info->data();

Sadly it doesn't seem to work. In fact if I just strip_tag it doesn't seem to change the tags at all.

I'll gladly send you a file to look at if you are interested. Just let me know.

Edward J. Allen III

Sorry for the slow response. I have seen it do this. I think it is a bug in MP3::Tag, but it may not be.

Try setting the tag after striping it.

If that doesn't work, for now, I suggest using id3tag or similar command line utility.

I will try to integrate this into a test and resolve it soonish.

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