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<img src="images/green.png" width="20" height="20" alt="All Good" /> - All good, now go celebrate!<br /><hr />
<img src="images/orange.png" width="20" height="20" alt="1 Retry Fail"/> - Looks good, only had 1 retry failed. Server could be changing maps for instance.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/red.png" width="20" height="20" alt="Multiple Retrys/No Responce" /> - Multiple retries and no response. Server is likely to be down.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/ani_install.gif" alt="Updating Now" /> - Server was sent a _restart because it was out of date. It's updating now.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/waiting.png" alt="Players Informed" /> - Players are informed that server is about to be restarted for update(1 min time).<br /><hr />
<img src="images/ani_restart.gif" alt="Server Issue - Restarting" /> - Server was issued a _restart and is now restarting.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/outofdate.png" alt="Out of Date" /> - Version is not the latest, but settings don't allow automatic update. You must do this manually!<br /><hr />
<img src="images/delete.gif" alt="Delete Server" /> - Delete one of the servers.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/restart.png" width="18" height="18" alt="Restart" /> - Restart one of the servers.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/cmd.png" alt="Go to RCON" /> - Go to the RCON interface.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/list-error.png" alt="Num. of restarts" /> - Show the number of restarts for this server.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/settings.png" alt="Settings" /> - Shows the settings for this server.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/update.gif" alt="Refresh Name" /> - Refresh server name.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/pending_down.png" alt="Awaiting to be brought up" /> - Server has been brought down and is awaiting to be brought back up (for instance because of forks).<br /><hr />
<img src="images/pending.png" alt="Waiting for Players" /> - Server is waiting for players to finish / playercount to drop before restarting.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/sad.gif" alt="Master Server Problem" /> - Master server is still advertising an older version, while the servers have a newer version already.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/sleutel.gif" alt="Password Protected Server" /> - Server requires a password to be able to join.<br /><hr />
<img src="images/sr_ico.jpg" width="18" height="18" alt="Steamrep URL" /> - Next to player, will send you to steamrep site.<br /><hr />