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+Optional plugins
+For the record to understand how these get linked with SSMS, both database entry's should point to the same table/username/password as SSMS.
+The Crashlogger is based on DarthNinja's version. You have to add a line called "crashlogger" into your database for this to work.
+You can change the database name but then you would have to edit the crashlogger.sp to do so.
+Tables that are needed for this come with the sql from SSMS. And if not present it should create them.
+The adminlogging will check if a person is a admin or not and just log pretty much everything (including chat) of the player to the logs.
+Do take a mental note that if you have 30 servers it can consume some table spaces.
+If you want to use the admin logging with a different database then "default" change the line:
+ SQL_TConnect(GotDatabase, "default");
+To a entry in your databases.cfg, if you just use the .smx your database.cfg needs to have a "default" one where it writes too (assuming that
+a database one and not sqlite)

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