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A Royal TS api server, push JSON to it and it creates a document
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Get the required files, by doing a:

npm install

The idea is pretty simple, you can start up this API which will expose a /api url on port 7000. Then you have to POST a json payload to it in order for it to generate a valid Royal TS document.

It will automatically give you back the document in XML format.

Example data is in the src/server.js at the bottom.


On /api you can do a POST with a json object. Or you can do a POST as a form where the data is in the form name 'json'. You can also go to / in the browser of the app and it will give you a simple input field. Dump your json in there and it will return you a download.

Please note that the name of the document as content-type filename will be returned as the name of the RoyalDocument (this to keep from downloading the same file over and over)


See it running at, limited to 100kb inputs (POST form work + api POST) but i doubt anyone would want their super secret stuff generated from the internet, but i wont stop you.


A docker file is included, just uses a default 5.5 version and does a npm install and runs it.

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