Personal Directory Manager for Windows 3.1 (VB3 Code)
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Rietta Solutions
Personal Directory Manager

The Personal Directory Manager started out as a project by Frank Rietta in 1996.  His 
goals were to create a contact manager that would be useful.  It started out as a basic 
program and evolved over the years to include many useful features.  The source code for 
PDM has now been released since it is no longer being actively developed.  

You are free to make any changes or additions to the source code you would like as long 
as you make the modified source code available free of charge.  You may compile the 
source code and distribute the application produced from the code as long as it is 
available free of charge over the internet and contains a statement that it was based of 
Personal Directory Manager code with a link to

Please see the GNU License text file or
license.shtml for detailed license information.

Key Areas where Development are Needed

?	Printing capabilities
?	Conversions with other database platforms
?	Syncing Capabilities with Outlook and other contact managers
?	Syncing with PDA devices

Please e-mail if you make any significant improvements to the PDM 
source code.  We would like to see what people can do with it.