Emergency web server
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Emergency web server

For those occasions when your webserver is down and you want to display a quick maintainance note. Or just want to quickly demo a static site. Or whatever :)

It can take a directory, a file or directly the body string.

❯ spark -h
Usage of spark:
  -address="": Listening address
  -port="8080": Listening port
  -cert="cert.pem": SSL certificate path
  -key="key.pem": SSL private Key path
  -sslPort="10433": SSL listening port
  -status=200: Returned HTTP status code
  -path="/": URL path
  -deny="": Sesitive directory or file patterns to be denied when serving directory (comma sperated)


$ spark message.html
$ spark "<h1>Out of order</h1><p>Working on it...</p>"
$ spark static_site/
$ spark -port 80 -sslPort 443 "<h1>Ooops!</h1>"
$ spark -deny ".git*,LICENSE" ~/go/rif/spark

To quickly generate a ssl certificate run:

go run $GOROOT/src/crypto/tls/generate_cert.go --host="localhost"


  • from source
go get github.com/rif/spark
  • static binaries (linux/arm/osx/windows):

Binary downloads