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Riff is a general-purpose programming language designed primarily for prototyping and command-line usage. Riff offers a familiar syntax similar to many C-style languages along with some extra conveniences to make it a useful supplementary tool for programmers.

This repository contains source code for the Riff interpreter.

Please refer to Riff's website for documentation and language specification. There is also a standalone playground featuring sample programs.

Basic Usage

  • Run a Riff program stored in a file:

    $ riff file.rf
  • Run a Riff program on the command-line:

    $ riff -e '<program>'
  • Print a listing of mnemonics which associate to riff VM instructions for a given program:

    $ riff -l file.rf
    $ riff -le '<program>'


Running make in the root directory of the repository will compile the source code and place the executable locally at bin/riff.

Running make install will compile the source code and place the executable at ~/.local/bin/riff by default. To change the installation path, specify the prefix when running make install.

For example, to install riff at /usr/local/bin/riff:

$ make install prefix=/usr/local


Riff utilizes Git tags to generate the version string as seen when running riff -v. Building Riff from source without the necessary Git metadata will result in a Riff binary with an empty version string.


Riff depends on the Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE2) library. PCRE2 10.35 or higher will need to be installed on your system. Specifically pcre2-config, which retrieves the installation location of PCRE2. PCRE2 can be easily installed via many popular package managers.