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Check your balance

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In this article you're going to read about how you can get your RIF balance using MyCrypto and RSK explorer.

Using RSK Explorer

  1. Go to RSK explorer to RIF Token contract accounts section
  2. Once there, just look for your address and check your RIF balance

Using MyCrypto

  1. Go to MyCrypto web site (or MyCrypto Desktop app)
  2. Select RSK network


  1. Choose your wallet access mode


  1. Choose your derived address


  1. Scroll down and check your RIF account


If you don't see your RIF balance as shown in step 5, try this:

  1. Click "Scan For Tokens" button


If you see a "No tokens found" message, try this:

  1. Click "Add Custom Token" button
  2. Paste 0x2acc95758f8b5f583470ba265eb685a8f45fc9d5 into Address field
  3. Check that Decimals is 18 and Token Symbol is RIF


  1. Check Balance field, that's your RIF balance
  2. Finally, you can click "Save" button to add the token

This would happen until MyCrypto includes RIF Token as native token

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