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@riflowth riflowth released this May 6, 2019 · 18 commits to master since this release

The SkinSystem 1.7 (Orbital)

  • New features
    • Additional theme support, dark theme, cycle button
    • Show skull instead of generic icon (acts as skin download)
    • Preview skin on page load (show mojang skin when no skinsrestorer skin)
    • URL input is widened, updates preview better
    • A modified version of Minecraft-3D-Skin-Renderer has been added. (plugins such as ServerListPlus can use this)
    • Cache system that holds much very interesting stuff™
    • Legacy config update system
    • Authentication limit limits by ip, and as backup username
    • Server-side hash and verification for js libraries
    • More password crypto methods [ARGON2, BCRYPT, BCRYPT2Y, PBKDF2]
    • Data warning configuration option all/eu/no (default: no)
    • Mineskin+Mojang status check when error is shown
    • Version display links
    • Experimental history functionality has been slightly improved
  • Captured and isolated bugs
    • They might escape at any time, we're just watching and waiting
  • Special thanks to ITZVGcGPmO
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