Smallest and Fastest Docker container for fast proxy setup based on 3proxy SOCKS5 proxy
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What is Docker 3Proxy

Docker 3Proxy is a container with socks5 proxy server based on 3proxy.

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Link on docker hub: riftbit/3proxy

Link on github: riftbit/docker-3proxy

Build Args

  • PROXY_VERSION=0.8.12

Environment variables:

  • PROXY_LOGIN - login for proxy user (❗️required if config not exists!)
  • PROXY_PASSWORD - password for proxy user (❗️required if config not exists!)

Exposed Ports

  • 3128:3128/tcp for http
  • 1080:1080/tcp for socks5
  • 8080/tcp for admin panel with cfg editor


  • /etc/3proxy/cfg

Container Changelog (

  • 18.09.18 - add admin panel, cfg volume, stdout logging
  • 11.05.18 - added http proxy and 3proxy updated to 0.8.12
  • 12.01.18 - readme cleanups. fixes and updates

Example usage

docker run --name 3proxy -d -p 3128:3128 --env PROXY_LOGIN=pr0xyUser --env PROXY_PASSWORD=passw0rd riftbit/3proxy

After container starts you will see params for connection setup:

Proxy user login:         pr0xyUser
Proxy user password:      passw0rd
Proxy process pid:        6
Proxy process started!