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DotVVM Hands On Lab

This Hands on Lab shows how to write a simple blog website using DotVVM.

The purpose of this lab is to show you how to build a non-trivial web application in DotVVM. It can help you understanding the basics of DotVVM, or to decide whether it is a good idea to use DotVVM in you future project.

Choose Your Language

Estimated time to complete: 3 hours

For Organizers or User Group Owners

If you organize meetups or user group events and look for Hands on Labs that show interesting technologies, you are at the right place. This repository contains everything you will need to organize such event.

At the beginning of the event, you can use this DotVVM HOL Slide Deck.

We can provide you with marketing materials (stickers, T-shirts, discount coupons for DotVVM licenses) for your event. Contact us at

For Contributors

If you like DotVVM and want to help us, one of the things we'd like is to have this Hands on Lab translated to as many languages as we can. If you can speak with any language which is not listed above, we'd be very happy to see a pull request with a translation.

We can provide you with a complimentary license of any of our DotVVM products in return.