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A Python library for quantum programming using Quil.
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A library for easily generating Quil programs to be executed using the Rigetti Forest platform. pyQuil is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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Please note: To make full use of our SDK, in addition to installing pyQuil, you will need to have installed quilc and the QVM (compiler and simulator, respectively). Both quilc and the QVM are now open source and can be installed by following their respective READMEs. Alternatively, the binary tools can be download as part of the Forest SDK. If you'd like to run programs on our quantum computers, you'll want to sign up for Quantum Cloud Services.


Documentation is hosted at


You can install pyQuil as a conda package (recommended):

conda install -c -conda-forge pyquil

or using pip:

pip install pyquil

To instead install pyQuil from source, clone this repository, cd into it, and run:

pip install -e .

See the Getting Started Guide to start writing quantum programs!


Join the public Forest Slack channel at

The following projects have been contributed by community members:

Developing PyQuil

To make changes to PyQuil itself see for instructions on development and testing.

How to cite pyQuil and Forest

If you use pyQuil, Grove, or other parts of the Rigetti Forest stack in your research, please cite it as follows:


  title={A Practical Quantum Instruction Set Architecture},
  author={Smith, Robert S and Curtis, Michael J and Zeng, William J},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1608.03355},


R. Smith, M. J. Curtis and W. J. Zeng, "A Practical Quantum Instruction Set Architecture," (2016), 
  arXiv:1608.03355 [quant-ph],
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