Android v7+ application to perform a dictionary brute force attack against a host.
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Access Brute Forcer

Android v7+ application to perform a dictionary brute force attack against a host exposing:

  • SMB Windows shares.
  • FTP server.
  • SSH access.

The application is developed using Android Studio so you can import the project into it in order to compile a APK bundle.


This tool was developed in order to provide help in this case:

During a reconnaissance phase of an authorized penetration test at network level, when a open WIFI network was identified in which hosts are connected and exposes SMB Windows shares (see port 445 opened) / FTP server / SSH access, the goal is to perform a quick evaluation from a smartphone (more easy to launch and hide than a laptop) of the attack surface represented by theses points.

The application allow to download and keep password dictionaries from predefined list of dictionaries or from the device itself (for tailored password dictionaries).


HockeyApp system is used to publish releases and track the applications crashes.

Last release:

APK release file analysis report:

Working version enhancement

Version: 1.3

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Build command line

Debug version

Use the following command line gradlew clean cleanBuildCache assembleDebug

Release version

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a JKS keystore with a RSA keypair.
  2. Create a file named at the root folder level (same location than the file gradlew) with the following content:
storeFile=[Store file full location or relative location from app sub folder]


# Configuration of the keystore used to sign the released APK
  1. Use the following command line gradlew clean cleanBuildCache assembleRelease
  2. APK is available in folder [ROOT_FOLDER]/app/build/outputs/apk

Usage efficiency

The application should be combined with the following applications to enhance efficiency:

  • FING: For WIFI network discovery and target identification,
  • FILE MANAGER: To access to Windows SMB Shares, FTP, SSH (via SFTP) content after the credentials identification.
  • JUICE SSH: To access via SSH shell if SFTP is not enabled.

Action flow

  1. Use Fing to identify a target host (copy the host IP or name in the clipboard via Fing copy/paste feature).

  2. Use the app to identify the credentials (paste the host IP or name from the clipboard into the Target field). Port is optional, if not specified then default one is used.

Main screen

  1. Use File Manager or Juice SSH to access to the contents.