Interactive shell in order to probe/analyze a WebSocket endpoint.
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WS Probing Shell

Interactive shell in order to probe/analyze a WebSocket endpoint.

The project is under developmement and the creation of a pip module is planned in order to facilitate the installation/update.


This shell was developed because I didn't find a tool or a extension in Burp/OWASP Zap allowing me to deeply inspect and probe a WebSocket endpoint in the same way that I can do it for example for a web endpoint like a REST web service.

Python version requirement

Python >= 3.5


Use the following command to install the dependencies packages:

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to use it?

Run the script:


Type the following command to obtains the list of available commands and help about them:

.:Welcome to the WebSocket probing shell:.

Type help or ? to list commands.

(Cmd) help

Documented commands (type help <topic>):
analyze     help                                 quit    show
connect     probe_connection_channels_supported  replay
disconnect  probe_request_connection_limit       scan
fuzz        probe_request_length_limit           search

(Cmd) help replay

        Replay a specified message a specified number of times

        replay -m [path_to_message_file] -n [repetition_count]

        replay -m /tmp/message.txt -n 20

        path_to_message_file: Path to the file (text format) containing the message to replay, 
                              no space in path.
        repetition_count: Number of time that the message must be send


Commands flow

Use of the shell is always something like this:

  1. connect command using the targeted endpoint (WS://xxx or WSS://xxx) identified for example with Burp or ZAP.
  2. Action command (1 or N times) like:
    • replay,
    • fuzz,
    • probe_request_connection_limit,
    • probe_request_length_limit,
    • probe_connection_channels_supported,
    • scan,
    • ...
  3. Analysis command (1 or N times) like:
    • analyze,
    • search,
    • show,
    • ...
  4. Finalization command like:
    • disconnect command if you want to target another endpoint,
    • quit command if you want to exit the shell.