Right Track Agency: Metro North Railroad (mnr)
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Metro North Railroad & SLE

node module: right-track-agency-mnr
GitHub repo: right-track/right-track-agency-mnr

This module is an implementation of a right-track-agency used to add agency-specific configuration and functionality to various Right Track Projects.


This module provides the following agency-specific information:

  • Build Scripts for creating a Right Track Database for MNR (using the right-track-db-build project)
  • The latest compiled Right Track Database for MNR
  • The archived Right Track Databases for MNR (in the git repo)
  • Agency configuration properties to be used in various Right Track projects
  • The functions to generate a MNR Station Feed for the right-track-server


Documentation can be found in the /doc/ directory of this repository or online at https://docs.righttrack.io/right-track-agency-mnr.

Additional documentation about the RightTrackAgency class can be found in the right-track-agency project and online at https://docs.righttrack.io/right-track-agency.


On require the module will return a new instance of the Metro North Railroad & SLE implementation of a RightTrackAgency Class.

To get the agency configuration properties:

const MNR = require('right-track-agency-mnr');

// Optionally load an additional configuration file

// Get the merged configuration
let config = MNR.getConfig();

To get the real-time StationFeed for Grand Central Terminal:

const core = require('right-track-core');
const RightTrackDB = require('right-track-db-sqlite3');
const MNR = require('right-track-agency-mnr');

// Set up the Right Track DB for Metro North
let db = new RightTrackDB(MNR);

// Get the Stop for Grand Central Terminal (id='1') by querying the RightTrackDB
core.query.stops.getStop(db, '1', function(err, stop) {
  // Load the StationFeed for Grand Central Terminal
  MNR.loadFeed(db, stop, function(err, feed) {
    // Do something with the feed