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Right Track PWA

This repository contains the source code for the Right Track Progressive Web App, a website used to search commuter train schedules and display real-time status and track information.

The website uses Vue.js as the javascript framework, Vuetify as the material design UI framework, and Webpack to bundle the javascript dependencies. It also leverages sql.js to perform SQLite queries directly in the browser, enabling offline train schedule searches.

User management, user favorites, and real-time information are provided via a Right Track API Server. Access to a Right Track API Server with a valid API Key is required for the website to properly function.


  1. From within the project directory, install all dependencies:
npm install
  1. Create a local configuration file, config.local.json, and provide information for the Right Track API Server
  "api": {
    "host": "",
    "clientId": "xxx",
    "clientKey": "yyy"
  1. Build the site
npm run build
  1. Serve the dist directory