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Welcome Home!

RightJS is a fine JavaScript framework that's designed to make you happy. It lives over here http://rightjs.org, go check it, you won't regret!

How To Build

To build the core on your own, you'll need NodeJS and if you also have npm you might want to install the nake tools

npm install nake

After that either run nake

nake build

or, if you don't have npm, just run the Nakefile directly with NodeJS

node Nakefile build

Try, -l or --list key to see which other tasks are available


You can switch off some modules from the core by using the OPTIONS key

nake build OPTIONS=no-olds,no-fx

The list of available options is the following

  • no-form - no advanced form features
  • no-events - no events delegation features
  • no-cookie - no cookies module
  • no-xhr - no ajax support
  • no-fx - no visual effects module
  • no-olds - puts the old browsers support in a separated file


The code released under terms of the MIT License

Copyright (C) 2008-2011 Nikolay Nemshilov