RightScale built-in Policy Templates to provide effortless governance via automation.
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RightScale Policy Templates

This repo contains a library of open source RightScale Policy Templates to provide governance via automation across Cost, Security, Operational, and Compliance categories. All contributions are shared under the MIT license.

Please contact sales@rightscale.com to learn more.

Released Policy Templates





Instructions to upload policy templates to RightScale

  • The policy templates in the repo are the files that have a .pt extension.
  • Select the desired policy template, click on the “Raw” button, and then right-click and choose “Save As” to save the file to your computer.
  • To upload the template to your account, navigate over to the Templates page in the left nav bar in Governance. Ensure you have the role to access policy management in RightScale. Learn More about Policy Access Control.
  • Click the “Upload Policy Template” button in the account you wish to test the policy and follow the instructions to upload the template you just downloaded.

RightScale Policy Template Documentation

Getting Help

Support for these policy templates will be provided though GitHub Issues and the RightScale public slack channel #policies. Visit http://chat.rightscale.com/ to join!

Opening an Issue

Github issues contain a template for three types of requests(Bugs, New Features to an existing Policy Template, New Policy Template Request)

  • Bugs: Any issue you are having with an existing policy template not functioning correctly, this does not include missing features, or actions.
  • New Feature Request: Any feature(Field, Action, Link, Output, etc) that are to be added to an existing policy template.
  • New Policy Template Request: Request for a new policy template.

Troubleshooting Danger Locally