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AWS Reserved Instances Recommendation Policy Template

NOTE: These RI Purchase Recommendations are generated by AWS. This policy will raise incidents based on those recommendations.

As a best practice, this policy should only be applied to the Master Account, and not to each individual RightScale Account.

What it does

This Policy Template leverages the AWS Cost Explorer API. It will raise incidents if AWS has any RI Purchase Recommendations, whose net savings exceeds the Net Savings Threshold parameter in the Policy.

It will email the user specified in Email addresses of the recipients you wish to notify


  • The following RightScale Credentials
    • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - The Access Key of an IAM User in the Master Payer account, which has access to Cost Explorer.
    • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - The Secret Access Key of the IAM User.

Input Parameters

This policy has the following input parameters required when launching the policy.

  • Look Back Period - Specify the number of days of past usage to analyze.
  • Service - Specify the AWS Service for which to search for RIs
  • EC2 Specification - If the Service is "EC2", specify whether to look for Standard or Convertible RIs. For Services besides EC2, this parameter will be ignored.
  • RI Term - Specify he Term length for the RI.
  • Payment Option - Optionally, specify the payment option for this RI.
  • Net Savings Threshold - Specify the minimum Net Savings that should result in an RI purchase recommendation
  • Email addresses to notify - A list of email addresses to notify

Policy Actions

The following policy actions are taken on any resources found to be out of compliance.

  • Send an email report

Supported Clouds

  • AWS


This Policy Template does not launch any instances, and so does not incur any cloud costs.

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