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Google Committed Use Discount (CUD) Report

As a best practice, this policy should only be applied to the Master Account, and not to each individual RightScale Account.

What it does

This policy identifies all CUDs that exist in a given GCP project and provides a report listing them all. It can optionally report on all CUDs or only those that are active or expired.

Functional Details

  • Uses the GCP API to get a list of all CUDs and report on them.
  • Create a service account (if not exists) with owner role under Google-cloud platform (IAM & admin -> service accounts). Generate key, a JSON file will get downloaded in which you can find 'client email' and 'private key' which has to be added as credentials in RightScale cloud management Design -> Credentials with name 'GC_SA_CLIENT_EMAIL' and 'GC_SA_PRIVATE_KEY' respectively.

Input Parameters

  • Email addresses of the recipients you wish to notify - A list of email addresses to notify
  • Google Cloud Project - Google cloud project Id where CUD's exist.
  • CUD Status - Allow the user to choose from "All", "Active" or "Expired"

Required RightScale Roles

  • policy_manager

Supported Clouds

  • Google


This Policy Template does not incur any cloud costs.

Prerequisite to apply this policy

  • Add New credentials (GC_SA_CLIENT_EMAIL and GC_SA_PRIVATE_KEY) if does not exists under RightScale cloud management Design -> Credentials.
  • The value for credentials can be found in IAM & admin -> service accounts under Google-cloud platform.

Note: The Service Account in GCP should have owner role

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