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No Recent Snapshots Policy Template

What it does

This Policy Template verifies that you have snapshots on all of your important volumes.


Warning: This policy will stop your servers to guarantee consistency. This policy template has two options: Email and Snapshot And Email. If you choose Email you will get a report of volumes that have missing snapshots within the timeperiod. If you choose Snapshot And Email it will email you a report of volumes that have missing snapshots, and then it will stop the server, wait for completion, take a snapshot and start up the server.

Input Parameters

This policy has the following input parameters required when launching the policy.

  • Email address to send escalation emails to - Example:
  • Number of days between snapshots - The number of days between snapshots that the policy will check against.
  • Escalation Options - Allowed Values: "Email", "Snapshot And Email"
  • Include Root Device - This option instructs the policy template whether or not to check root volumes for compliance, anything connected to /dev/sda1.
  • Volume and Server tags to exclude - Example: snapshot_policy:exclude=1

Policy actions

The following policy actions are taken on any resources found to be out of compliance.

  • Stop the server and take snapshot, restart the server.
  • Send an email report

Required Permissions

This policy requires permissions to access RightScale resources (clouds, volumes, volume_snapshots, and instances). Before applying this policy add the following roles to the user applying the policy. The roles should be applied to all Accounts where the policy will run or the Organization. For more information on modifying roles visit the Governance Docs

  • Cloud Management - Observer

Supported Clouds

The following clouds are supported:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google


This Policy Template will increase the cost of overall cloud usage by taking snapshots of data.

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