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Google Instance StackDriver Utilization Policy

What it does

This Policy Template gathers Google StackDriver utilization for instances on 30 day intervals. This is meant to be run as a monthly policy.

Cloud Management Required Permissions/Google Required Permissions

  • Cloud Management - The credential_viewer,observer roles
  • Cloud Management - The policy_designer, policy_manager & policy_publisher roles
  • Google - The Monitoring Viewer Role

Functional Details

  • This policy uses RightScale to get a list of instances, it then polls Google StackDriver for metrics for instance performance and delivers a report. If you get an N/A in a field you will need to install the StackDriver Agent on the instance to get those metrics.

Input Parameters

This policy has the following input parameters required when launching the policy.

  • Email addresses of the recipients you wish to notify - A list of email addresses to notify
  • Google Cloud Project - a Google Cloud Project name

Supported Clouds

  • Google


This Policy Template does not incur any cloud costs.

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