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RightLink 5.9

Changes to Existing Functionality

  • When freezing the RubyGems repository, RightLink now edits the systemwide RubyGems config file (/etc/gemrc) rather than modifying root's (~root/.gemrc). This will help ensure more consistent RubyGems behavior across multiple users and Ruby versions.

RightLink 5.8

New Features

Security and Compliance

  • Compliance with the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) helps RightLink coexist with host-based IDS

    • See INSTALL.rdoc for more information on filesystem paths

  • Managed login requires users to login with to their own limited-privilege account, and to execute privileged commands using “sudo”

  • Some features of RightLink can be disabled prior to package install, to facilitate custom image builds for high-security deployment environments

    • For more information, refer to or to RightLink's INSTALL.rdoc


  • Concurrent recipe/script execution is supported; see the –thread option of rs_run_recipe and rs_run_right_script.

  • Non-error audit output can be suppressed for recipes/scripts that run very frequently; see the –policy and –audit-period options of rs_run_recipe and rs_run_right_script

  • Tag queries accept a timeout option – both via the rs_tag command-line tool, and the ServerCollection resource

  • The agent queries its own tags before running a sequence of scripts or recipes, helping to ensure that tag-based decisions are made using fresh state. The result of the tag query is audited, to enhance transparency and facilitate debugging.


  • Chef 0.10.10

  • An rs_ohai command is available to invoke Ohai from the command line with all of the RightScale plugins and enhancements.

  • RightLink features “development mode” for cookbooks, wherein the instance directly checks out cookbooks from their associated Git/Subversion repository and converges using the contents of the repo. Users can edit recipes between runs, and even commit and push their changes upstream after everything is working.

    • Enable this for selected cookbooks by applying a tag to the server that lists comma-separated dev cookbook names

    • e.g. rs_agent_dev:dev_cookbooks=cb_1,cb_2,cb_3,…

    • For more information on cookbook development, refer to

  • Most commands invoked by Ohai/Chef are logged with DEBUG severity for easier debugging of troublesome providers/recipes. To change the RightLink log, use the rs_log_level command.


  • The rs_agent_dev:log_level tag now allows you to specify any level (not just debug). Other agent-dev tags no longer force debug log level. The log level can be changed by other utilities, e.g. the rs_log_level command, even if it has been initially set by the tag. The chef process will re-query it's tags prior to convergence and the rs_log_level tag will take precedence in this case.

Bug Fixes

  • The command-line tools now report a meaningful version number (currently 0.3) and will continue to do so with future RightLink releases

  • Instances will strand if they fail to install any package required by boot scripts

  • HTTP metadata fetching is more tolerant of server errors; its output is far less verbose

  • The UI's ordering of cookbook repositories is preserved at runtime, for cookbooks that are defined in multiple repos

  • Extraneous Ohai debug output has been squelched from audits and logs

  • RightLink agent startup and shutdown is more reliable under Linux

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