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RightScale RightLink

RightLink is the agent installed on every server running under RightScale. It uses a message bus implemented on top of RabbitMQ based on Nanite and uses the Opscode Chef configuration management system. Servers running the RightLink agent configure themselves on startup and register with the message router, which facilitates communication with other servers and the RightScale core system. The primary purpose of the RightLink agent is to run Chef recipes to install software at boot time and to perform operational tasks, such as restarting services or reconfiguring software.

RightLink is under active development at RightScale and we’ve open-sourced the codebase to enable others to inspect what we ask them to put on their servers and to be able to leverage all the code we put in to combine a dynamic messaging system and Chef. Currently RightLink probably has some RightScale specific code in it, but we’re open to factoring that out such that others can use the same codebase in other contexts.

RightLink is published under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file in the source code. We will have a contributor’s agreement ready soon so we can take 3rd party contributions. Please feel free to log issues and suggestions in the github issues tracker associated with the project. We will be using this issue tracker ourselves for our internal development.