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Interface-breaking changes

  • Changed some of the more esoteric options of RequestBalancer

  • Removed TagLogger and CustomLogger middlwares

  • Renamed Balancing module to LB

  • Renamed StickyPolicy class to Sticky

  • Removed Object#if_require_succeeds(&block); too dangerous – use Object#require_succeeds instead!

New functionality

  • Several new Rack middlewares for request logging & tracking

  • Statistics gathering, string extensions,

  • HTTPClient methods can accept query-strings (:query) and/or request body (:payload)


Interface-breaking changes

  • Moved logging classes (FilterLogger, SystemLogger, TagLogger) into RightSupport::Log namespace

  • Moved CassandraModel into RightSupport::DB

  • Removed RightSupport::REST module entirely. Replaced by RightSupport::Net::HTTPClient class.

New functionality

  • RequestBalancer now capable of using multiple policies for endpoint selection. Default is RoundRobin (previously the only option); now you can choose HealthCheck in addition. See rdoc for more info.

  • RequestBalancer can accept a logger as a class attribute. If supplied, any failed requests will be logged with the error severity, including detailed information about exception type, retryability, etc.

  • HTTPClient object is a thin wrapper around RestClient that adds some default timeouts. It's appropriate for low-latency REST requests to nearby services; by tweaking the defaults, you can use it for various other scenarios.

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