RightScripts for RightScale's RightLink10 (aka RightLinkLite) agent
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RightLink Scripts

RightScripts for RightScale's RightLink10 agent used in the Base ServerTemplates and beyond.

This repository contains the collection of RightScripts used in ServerTemplates that go with the new RightLink10 agent. The scripts for the base Linux ServerTemplate are in the rll subdirectory, and the scripts for the base Windows ServerTemplate are in the rlw subdirectory. Additional RightScripts are also in rll-examples and rlw-examples. Each RightScript has a comment header providing metadata info in YAML format with the following fields: RightScript Name, Description, and Inputs. These headers will be used to populate these fields when uploaded to the RightScale platform as RightScripts.

How it Works

The directory structure is kept simple, having Linux RightScripts in the rll and rll-examples directories and Windows RightScripts in the rlw and rlw-examples directories. The naming of the scripts in this repository is also done for simplicity. The RightScript name that is to be shown in the RightScale dashboard should be under the RightScript Name field in the YAML formatted comment header, described earlier.

Developer Info

In order to modify a script in this repo and update the matching RightScript, a few steps will need to be done.

The following setup should only need to be done once to setup the development environment:

  1. In the RightScale dashboard, import the official RightLink 10.X.X Linux Base or RightLink 10.X.X Windows Base ServerTemplate into your account. This will also import the RightScripts.
  2. While still in the RightScale dashboard, clone the imported ServerTemplate, allowing changes to be made to the HEAD revision.
  3. Fork this repo on github and clone the fork to your workstation.
  4. Create a branch (or use master, your choice).
  5. Install and configure right_st for your platform somewhere that is in your PATH.

These next steps are the suggested workflow:

  1. Make a change and git commit the change
  2. Run right_st rightscript upload path/to/script to update the HEAD revision of the RightScript. Remember, the name of the RightScript to update should be provided under RightScript Name in the YAML formatted header.
    • example: right_st rightscript upload rll/enable-monitoring.sh
  3. Verify the HEAD revision of the RightScript has been synced with your git commit and is identical.

RightScale Release Process

The release steps for the Linux and Windows Base ServerTemplate at RightScale are as follows:

  1. Check out the rightlink_scripts repo
  2. Create release branch: git checkout -b 10.2.0 (use appropriate branch name to match release)
  3. Run right_st rightscript upload path/to/script for each script to be released with the ServerTemplate and commit any of these updated RightScripts.
  4. In the RightScale Dashboard, update the ServerTemplates with the new RightScript revisions created from the previous step.
  5. Check the MCIs on the HEAD revision of the ServerTemplates for the correct tags of the current RightLink release.
  6. Rename the ServerTemplate and edit the description to match the name of the RightLink release.
  7. Commit and publish ST


See MIT License