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Library of open source RightScale plugins
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RightScale Plugins

This repo contains a library of open source RightScale plugins.

Released Plugins

Amazon Web Services


Google Cloud Platform




Other Clouds

RightScale Plugin Documentation

Getting Help

Support for these plugin will be provided though GitHub Issues and the RightScale public slack channel #plugins. Visit to join!

Opening an Issue

Github issues contain a template for three types of requests(Bugs, New Features to an existing Plugin, New Plugin Request)

  • Bugs: Any issue you are having with an existing plugin not functioning correctly, this does not include missing features, or actions.
  • New Feature Request: Any feature(Field, Action, Link, Output, etc) that are to be added to an existing plugin.
  • New Plugin Request: Request for a new plugin based off of a new Resource(i.e Cloud Resource Type(rds,elb), Third Party Service(riverbed,f5,cisco), etc.
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