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AWS CloudFront Plugin


The AWS CloudFront Plugin integrates RightScale Self-Service with the basic functionality of the AWS Elastic File System API.


  • A general understanding CAT development and definitions
    • Refer to the guide documentation for details SS Guides
  • The admin, ss_designer & ss_end_user roles, in a RightScale account with SelfService enabled. admin is needed to retrived the RightScale Credential values identified below.
  • AWS Account credentials with the appropriate permissions to manage elastic load balancers
  • The following RightScale Credentials
  • The following packages are also required (See the Installation section for details):


  1. Be sure your RightScale account has Self-Service enabled
  2. Connect AWS Cloud credentials to your RightScale account (if not already completed)
  3. Navigate to the appropriate Self-Service portal
  4. In the Design section, use the Upload CAT interface to complete the following:
    1. Upload each of packages listed in the Requirements Section
    2. Upload the aws_cloudfront_plugin.rb file located in this repository

How to Use

The CloudFront Plugin has been packaged as plugin/rs_aws_cloudfront. In order to use this plugin you must import this plugin into a CAT.

import "plugin/rs_aws_cloudfront"

For more information on using packages, please refer to the RightScale online documenataion. Importing a Package

Supported Resources


Supported Fields

Field Name Required? Description
distribution_config yes See Documentation

Supported Outputs

  • ActiveTrustedSigners
  • ARN
  • DistributionConfig
  • DomainName
  • Id
  • InProgressInvalidationBatches
  • LastModifiedTime
  • Status

Supported Actions

Action API Implementation Support Level
create() CreateDistribution supported
get() GetDistribution supported
list() ListDistribution not tested
show() GetDistribution supported
destroy() DeleteDistribution supported
update() UpdateDistribution supported


Please review cloudfront_test_cat.rb for a basic example implementation.

Getting Help

Support for this plugin will be provided though GitHub Issues and the RightScale public slack channel #plugins. Visit to join!


The AWS cloudfront Plugin source code is subject to the MIT license, see the LICENSE file.

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