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AWS Lambda Plugin


The AWS Lambda Plugin integrates RightScale Self-Service with the basic functionality of the AWS Lambda API.


  • A general understanding CAT development and definitions
    • Refer to the guide documentation for details SS Guides
  • The admin, ss_designer & ss_end_user roles, in a RightScale account with SelfService enabled. admin is needed to retrived the RightScale Credential values identified below.
  • The following RightScale Credentials
  • The following packages are also required (See the Installation section for details):


  1. Be sure your RightScale account has Self-Service enabled
  2. Connect AWS Cloud credentials to your RightScale account (if not already completed)
  3. Navigate to the appropriate Self-Service portal
  4. In the Design section, use the Upload CAT interface to complete the following:
    1. Upload each of packages listed in the Requirements Section
    2. Upload the aws_lambda_plugin.rb file located in this repository

How to Use

The Lambda Plugin has been packaged as plugins/rs_aws_lambda. In order to use this plugin you must import this plugin into a CAT.

import "plugins/rs_aws_lambda"

For more information on using packages, please refer to the RightScale online documenataion. Importing a Package

Supported Resources

  • function


resource "my_function", type: "rs_aws_lambda.function" do
  function_name last(split(@@deployment.href, "/"))
  description join(["launched from SS - ", last(split(@@deployment.href, "/"))])
  runtime "nodejs6.10"
  handler "hello-world.handler"
  role "arn:aws:iam::xxxxxxxxxxxx:role/lambda_basic_execution"
  code do {
    "S3Bucket" => "Bucket_Name",
    "S3Key" => ""
  } end  



Supported Fields

Field Name Required? Description
code Yes The code for the Lambda function. See FunctionCode Object Documentation for more information.
dead_letter_config No The parent object that contains the target ARN (Amazon Resource Name) of an Amazon SQS queue or Amazon SNS topic. See DeadLetterConfig Object Documentation for more information.
description No A short, user-defined function description. Lambda does not use this value. Assign a meaningful description as you see fit.
environment No The parent object that contains your environment's configuration settings. See Environment Object Documentation for more information.
function_name Yes The name you want to assign to the function you are uploading.
handler Yes The function within your code that Lambda calls to begin execution.
kms_key_arn No The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the KMS key used to encrypt your function's environment variables. If not provided, AWS Lambda will use a default service key.
memory_size No The amount of memory, in MB, your Lambda function is given. The default value is 128 MB. The value must be a multiple of 64 MB.
publish No This boolean parameter can be used to request AWS Lambda to create the Lambda function and publish a version as an atomic operation.
role Yes The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the IAM role that Lambda assumes when it executes your function to access any other Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources.
runtime Yes The runtime environment for the Lambda function you are uploading. Valid Values: nodejs, nodejs4.3, nodejs6.10, java8, python2.7, python3.6, dotnetcore1.0, nodejs4.3-edge
tags No The list of tags (key-value pairs) assigned to the new function.
timeout No The function execution time at which Lambda should terminate the function.
tracing_config No The parent object that contains your function's tracing settings. See TracingConfig Object Documentation for more information.
vpc_config No If your Lambda function accesses resources in a VPC, you provide this parameter identifying the list of security group IDs and subnet IDs. These must belong to the same VPC. You must provide at least one security group and one subnet ID. See VpcConfig Object Documentation for more information.

Supported Actions

Action API Implementation Support Level
create CreateFunction Supported
destroy,destroy_version DeleteFunction Supported
get GetFunction Supported
list ListFunctions Untested
get_code GetFunction Supported
update_code UpdateFunctionCode Untested
update_config UpdateFunctionConfiguration Untested
invoke Invoke Supported


  • CodeSha256
  • CodeSize
  • Description
  • FunctionArn
  • FunctionName
  • Handler
  • KMSKeyArn
  • LastModified
  • MasterArn
  • MemorySize
  • Role
  • RuntimeTimeout
  • Version
  • DeadLetterConfig
  • EnvironmentErrorCode
  • EnvironmentErrorMessage
  • EnvironmentVariables
  • TracingConfigMode
  • SecurityGroupIds
  • SubnetIds
  • VpcId

Implementation Notes

  • The AWS Lambda Plugin makes no attempt to support non-AWS resources. (i.e. Allow the passing the RightScale or other resources as arguments to an Lambda resource.)

Full list of possible actions can be found on the AWS Lambda API Documentation


Please review lambda_test_cat.rb for a basic example implementation.

See the lambda-optima-markups repo for a more complex example implementation.

Known Issues / Limitations

    • Currently only supports a single region. To support a different region, edit the host & region fields of the resource_pool declaration in the Plugin:
resource_pool "rs_aws_lambda" do
  plugin $rs_aws_lambda
  host ""
  auth "key", type: "aws" do
    version     4
    service    'lambda'
    region     'us-east-1'
    access_key cred('AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID')
    secret_key cred('AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY')

Getting Help

Support for this plugin will be provided though GitHub Issues and the RightScale public slack channel #plugins. Visit to join!


The AWS Lambda Plugin source code is subject to the MIT license, see the LICENSE file.

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