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bugfix in macro load-values

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1 parent 3a91528 commit 2adbcc2d2a5a6d59bda2e1818774c24cc61bc214 @rigidus committed Apr 8, 2012
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  1. +10 −8 storage/orm.lisp
@@ -120,9 +120,13 @@ alter user <dbuser> with password '<dbpassword>';
',(intern (format nil "~A-ID" (symbol-name name))) (id dao-obj)
'option-id (id option)))
- (defmethod load-options ((dao-obj ,name) &key lang name optype entity entity-id parent-id)
- (let ((rs (loop :for item :in (mapcar #'car (query (:select 'option-id :from ',(intern (format nil "~A-2-OPTION" (symbol-name name)))
- :where (:= ',(intern (format nil "~A-ID" (symbol-name name))) 1))))
+ (defmethod load-options ((dao-obj ,name) &key lang name optype parent-id)
+ (let ((rs (loop
+ :for item
+ :in (mapcar #'car
+ (query (:select 'option-id
+ :from ',(intern (format nil "~A-2-OPTION" (symbol-name name)))
+ :where (:= ',(intern (format nil "~A-ID" (symbol-name name))) (id dao-obj)))))
:collect (initialize-instance (get-dao 'option item)))))
(when lang (setf rs (remove-if-not #'(lambda (x) (equal (lang-id x) (get-lang-id lang))) rs)))
(when name (setf rs (remove-if-not #'(lambda (x) (equal name (name x))) rs)))
@@ -198,7 +202,9 @@ alter user <dbuser> with password '<dbpassword>';
(make-option *ru* "en" "Russian")
(make-option *en* "ru" "Английский")
-;; (encode-json-to-string (load-options *ru* :lang "en"))
+(encode-json-to-string (load-options *en* :lang "en"))
+(load-options *ru*)
@@ -226,10 +232,6 @@ alter user <dbuser> with password '<dbpassword>';
(loop :for item :in (load-options dao-obj) :collect
(list (funcall optname-func item) (mapcar optvalue-func (load-values item)))))
-;; (get-all-opt-val *rus* :readable t)
-;; (get-all-opt-val *ru* :readable t)
-;; (get-all-opt-val *rus*)
(defun get-all-entityes-opt-val (list-of-entityes &key (entity-func #'identity) (optname-func #'identity) (optvalue-func #'identity))
(loop :for item :in list-of-entityes :collect
(list (funcall entity-func item)

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