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rigidus committed Apr 8, 2012
1 parent 788b4dd commit 3a915283d4792dd4ec57636b3260b2da3f086fdf
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  1. +62 −62 storage/orm.lisp
@@ -26,13 +26,7 @@ alter user <dbuser> with password '<dbpassword>';
(defparameter *db-serv* "localhost")
(defparameter *db-spec* (list *db-name* *db-user* *db-pass* *db-serv*))
(connect-toplevel *db-name* *db-user* *db-pass* *db-serv*)
-;; (with-connection *db-spec*
-;; (query (:select '* :from 'product)))
+;; (disconnect-toplevel)
;; produce (and re-init storage table if need) linktable object
(defmacro def~daoclass-linktable (src dst &optional re-init)
@@ -118,29 +112,30 @@ alter user <dbuser> with password '<dbpassword>';
,(when re-link
(def~daoclass-linktable ,name option ,re-init)
- (defmethod make-option ((dao-obj ,name) lang name &optional (optype "") (parent-id 0))
+ (defmethod make-option ((dao-obj ,name) lang name &key (optype "") (parent-id 0))
(let* ((lang-id (get-lang-id lang))
- (option (make-dao 'option :lang-id lang-id :name name :optype optype :parent-id parent-id)))
+ (option (make-dao 'option :lang-id lang-id :name name
+ :optype optype :parent-id parent-id)))
(query (:insert-into ',(intern (format nil "~A-2-OPTION" (symbol-name name))) :set
',(intern (format nil "~A-ID" (symbol-name name))) (id dao-obj)
'option-id (id option)))
- (defmethod load-options ((dao-obj ,name) &key lang name optype parent-id)
+ (defmethod load-options ((dao-obj ,name) &key lang name optype entity entity-id parent-id)
(let ((rs (loop :for item :in (mapcar #'car (query (:select 'option-id :from ',(intern (format nil "~A-2-OPTION" (symbol-name name)))
:where (:= ',(intern (format nil "~A-ID" (symbol-name name))) 1))))
:collect (initialize-instance (get-dao 'option item)))))
(when lang (setf rs (remove-if-not #'(lambda (x) (equal (lang-id x) (get-lang-id lang))) rs)))
(when name (setf rs (remove-if-not #'(lambda (x) (equal name (name x))) rs)))
(when optype (setf rs (remove-if-not #'(lambda (x) (equal optype (optype x))) rs)))
- (when parent-id (setf rs (remove-if-not #'(lambda (x) (equal parent-id-id (parent-id x))) rs)))
+ (when parent-id (setf rs (remove-if-not #'(lambda (x) (equal parent-id (parent-id x))) rs)))
(defmethod get-opts-val ((dao-obj ,name))
(mapcar #'(lambda (option)
(name option)
(mapcar #'(lambda (optval)
(val optval))
- (load-value option))))
+ (load-values option))))
(load-options dao-obj))))))))
@@ -169,7 +164,6 @@ alter user <dbuser> with password '<dbpassword>';
((id :col-type integer :initform (incf-optval-id))
(option-id :col-type integer :initform 0)
(lang-id :col-type integer :initform 0)
- (product-id :col-type integer :initform 0)
(val :col-type string :initform ""))
(:keys id)
(:incf id)
@@ -186,14 +180,13 @@ alter user <dbuser> with password '<dbpassword>';
(:incf id)
(:re-init t))
-(defmethod make-value ((option-obj option) lang val &optional (product-id 0))
+(defmethod make-value ((option-obj option) lang val)
(make-dao 'optval
:option-id (id option-obj)
:lang-id (get-lang-id lang)
- :val val
- :product-id product-id))
+ :val val))
-(defmethod load-value ((option-obj option))
+(defmethod load-values ((option-obj option))
(loop :for item :in (query-dao 'optval (:select '* :from 'optval :where (:= 'option-id (id option-obj))))
:collect (initialize-instance item)))
@@ -205,61 +198,54 @@ alter user <dbuser> with password '<dbpassword>';
(make-option *ru* "en" "Russian")
(make-option *en* "ru" "Английский")
-(encode-json-to-string (load-options *ru* :lang "en"))
+;; (encode-json-to-string (load-options *ru* :lang "en"))
-;; (defmethod make-option ((dao-obj lang) lang name &optional (optype "") (parent-id 0))
-;; (let* ((lang-id (get-lang-id lang))
-;; (option (make-dao 'option :lang-id lang-id :name name :optype optype :parent-id parent-id)))
-;; (query (:insert-into 'LANG-2-OPTION :set
-;; 'LANG-ID (id dao-obj)
-;; 'option-id (id option)))
-;; option))
+(def~daoclass-entity country ()
+ ((id :col-type integer :initform (incf-country-id))
+ (code :col-type string :initform ""))
+ (:keys id)
+ (:incf id)
+ (:re-init t)
+ (:re-link t))
+(defparameter *rus* (make-dao 'country :code "rus"))
+(let ((rus-country-name-option (make-option *rus* 0 "name")))
+ (make-value rus-country-name-option "ru" "Россия")
+ (make-value rus-country-name-option "en" "Russia"))
-(defparameter *tmp* (make-option *ru* "ru" "test-name-3"))
+(defparameter *usa* (make-dao 'country :code "usa"))
+(let ((usa-country-name-option (make-option *usa* 0 "name")))
+ (make-value usa-country-name-option "ru" "США")
+ (make-value usa-country-name-option "en" "USA"))
-(make-value *tmp* "ru" "test-value-3")
-(make-value *tmp* "ru" "test-value-4")
+(defun get-all-opt-val (dao-obj &key (optname-func #'identity) (optvalue-func #'identity))
+ (loop :for item :in (load-options dao-obj) :collect
+ (list (funcall optname-func item) (mapcar optvalue-func (load-values item)))))
-(defun get-vals-by-option (dao-obj optname-str)
- (awhen (find-if #'(lambda (dao-option)
- (equal optname-str (name dao-option)))
- (load-options dao-obj))
- (load-value it)))
+;; (get-all-opt-val *rus* :readable t)
+;; (get-all-opt-val *ru* :readable t)
+;; (get-all-opt-val *rus*)
-(mapcar #'(lambda (x)
- (val x))
- (get-vals-by-option *ru* "test-name-3"))
+(defun get-all-entityes-opt-val (list-of-entityes &key (entity-func #'identity) (optname-func #'identity) (optvalue-func #'identity))
+ (loop :for item :in list-of-entityes :collect
+ (list (funcall entity-func item)
+ (get-all-opt-val item :optname-func optname-func :optvalue-func optvalue-func))))
+;; (get-all-entityes-opt-val (select-dao 'country)
+;; :entity-func #'(lambda (country)
+;; (list (id country) (code country)))
+;; :optname-func #'(lambda (option) (name option))
+;; :optvalue-func #'(lambda (optval) (val optval)))
+;; (get-all-entityes-opt-val (select-dao 'country))
-(add-option *ru* "ru" "name" "Русский")
-(defparameter *en* (make-dao 'lang :code "en"))
-(add-option *en* "ru" "name" "Английский")
-(add-option *en* "en" "name" "English")
-(add-option *ru* "en" "name" "Russian")
-(def~daoclass-entity country ()
- ((id :col-type integer :initform (incf-country-id))
- (code :col-type string :initform ""))
- (:keys id)
- (:incf id)
- (:re-init t)
- (:re-link t))
-(defparameter *rus* (make-dao 'country :code "rus"))
-(add-option *rus* "ru" "name" "Россия")
-(add-option *rus* "en" "name" "Russia")
-(defparameter *usa* (make-dao 'country :code "usa"))
-(add-option *usa* "ru" "name" "США")
-(add-option *usa* "en" "name" "USA")
+;;;;;;;;;;; <-----------------
@@ -276,11 +262,25 @@ alter user <dbuser> with password '<dbpassword>';
(defparameter *spb* (make-dao 'city :country-id (id *rus*) :country-code (code *rus*) :code "spb"))
-(add-option *spb* "ru" "name" "Санкт-Петербург")
-(add-option *spb* "en" "name" "St.Peterburg")
+(let ((name-option (make-option *spb* 0 "name")))
+ (make-value name-option "ru" "Санкт-Петербург")
+ (make-value name-option "en" "St.Peterburg"))
(defparameter *mos* (make-dao 'city :country-id (id *rus*) :country-code (code *rus*) :code "mos"))
-(add-option *mos* "ru" "name" "Москва")
-(add-option *mos* "en" "name" "Moscow")
+(let ((name-option (make-option *mos* 0 "name")))
+ (make-value name-option "ru" "Москва")
+ (make-value name-option "en" "Moscow"))
+(defparameter *nyk* (make-dao 'city :country-id (id *usa*) :country-code (code *usa*) :code "nyk"))
+(let ((name-option (make-option *nyk* 0 "name")))
+ (make-value name-option "ru" "Нью-Йорк")
+ (make-value name-option "en" "New York"))
+(get-all-opt-val *mos* :readable t)
(defparameter *jfk* (make-dao 'city :country-id (id *usa*) :country-code (code *usa*) :code "jfk"))
(add-option *jfk* "ru" "name" "Нью-Йорк")
(add-option *jfk* "en" "name" "New York")

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