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A shell for docker
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A shell for docker

How to use

Add file dockershell to your path. Check if it has running permissions:

chmod +x dockershell

Then, run it:

$ dockershell
Type help for available commands and quit to exit the console

docker /home/user>

You can navigate through dockershell history with arrows keys. It is stored in ~/.dockershell_history

Autocomplete is also supported, just press TAB to get a list of options.

Additional commands from dockershell

  • b Shortcut for bash
  • bash Run bash interactively in a new container
  • cd Change directory
  • clean Remove all containers and images
  • e Shortcut for edit
  • edit Edit a Dockerfile in the current directory
  • ll List all containers and all images
  • h Shortcut for help
  • hist Shortcut for history
  • q Shortcut for quit
  • quit Exit this shell

Enviroment variables

  • DOCKERFILE_EDITOR Editor to edit Dockerfiles
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