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**RigWars ETH Idle Game guide:

**How to start new game:

  • Click the "Start Game" button. Complete the transaction. You get 1x level 1 mining rig and you can start playing.

**What is the goal?

  • Get as much money and real ETH as you can. To reach that you have multiple options: 1: Buy Miner components. There are 9 levels of miners each has increasingly higher prices and yields. 2: Attack other players. You can buy several types of attack/defend units and try to attack other players and loot half of their money.

Picture about the Game interface:

Alt text

  • How does mining work?

  • Miners can buy 9 type of "Rig Equipment", all of them produce a specified number of money (Hash/s).

  • There are two types of income boosters: 1: Permanent Boosters (Overclock, Watercooling, HOLY $H!T), these give a permanent 30%, 50%, 100% bonus to Hash/s. This is a permanent boost and cannot be lost/stolen! 2: Investment Booster gives a stunning 500% bonus, but it is not permanent. If 5 other players buy this booster it will be lost, but the previous owner gains 120% of its ETH spent. NOTE: It is a good idea to buy this booster even if you don't need the 500%, because is is an easy 20% ETH interest rate.

  • How rig prices are calculated?

    • Each rig has a base price which is increasing based on the number of rigs owned of that type. There is also an upper limit for every rig type owned.

    • The miner data are the following:
      Base price Price increase Hash/s Limit Cloud: 128 64 1 64 Ntel Spectre: 1024 64 512 64 Atti Vegan 65: 204800 102400 1024 128 30TB HDD: 25600000 12800000 8192 128 Mvidia 1090GTX: 0.01 ETH 0 65536 256 ASIC Miner: 30000000000 10000000000 100000 256 Mining Farm: 300000000000 100000000000 500000 256 The Wave 3000 Q: 0.1ETH* 0 3000000 256 Hidden??: 100000000000000 50000000000000 30000000 256

      Example: You have 10x "Atti Vegan 65" and want to buy the 11. the price is: Base + (10xPrice increase) = 204800 + 10x102400 = 1228800. *: Can be bought for 50000000000000 with 12500000000000 price increase.

  • How does attack work?

  • There are 6 types of "War Equipment" units. 3 of them are attack and 3 is defense unit.

  • There is no limit on the maximum number of units owned.

  • Miners can attack anybody who is not immune.

  • The attack is successful if the attacker has more attack than the targets defense.

  • Combat units are expendable, some of them will be destroyed during combat.

  • There is NO automatic retaliation. The attacker cannot lose money while attacking (thus players cannot get money while defending).

  • The attacker always receives a 2 Hour exhaust time after attacking regardless of the outcome of the battle.

  • The defender gets a 6 Hours immunity, but only if the attack was successful! Example: Player A has 20x"Troll Guy" which is 200 attack. Player B has 10x"Vindows Firewall" and 150 defense. Player B has 100M money. A attack B. The attack is Successfull. A loses 15x"Troll Guy" because B has 150 defense. B loses 10x"Vindows Firewall". A gains 50M money. B loses 50M money. B is now Immune for 6 hours (cannot be attacked). A is exhausted for 2 hours (cannot attack).

Miners can earn real money(ETH) while playing the game!

And it is even better, they have four(!) ways to get ETH while playing:

1: Invest in "Bitconeeeeeect" upgrade. There are only 5 of this upgrade exist at any one time. When someone buys the upgrade another person loses it and gains 120% of the money spent on the upgrade. Example: You buy the booster for 1.0ETH, you will get 1.2124ETH back when you lose the bonus.

2: Get share from Network HODL: 90% of all ETH transaction amounts goes to the Network HODL pot. 20% of the Network HODL is distributed from time to time (roughly once every 24h). Every player gets their share of the pot based on their "Your Network Share" stat. If it is higher than 0.01% they will receive the reward.

Example: The Total Balance is 10.000M and the HODL pot is 10.0ETH and you have 1.000M balance. 2.0ETH will be distributed and 8.0ETH will remain for future distributions. You will get 10% of the pot which is 0.2ETH.

3: Hit the SuperBlock! Every 24 hours anyone has the chance to trigger the pot distribution described above. The lucky miner get 2% of all ETH transaction amount since the last SuperBlock hit. Example: The pot increased 5.0ETH until the last SuperBlock hit. You will get 0.1ETH if you hit the SuperBlock.

4: Trade your Balance on any crypto Exchange. The currency of this game is ERC20 compatible token, and can be traded freely between miners (only between miners). NOTE: Both trade partners have to start the game before being able to sell/buy in-game currency! NOTE: ETH payout is not automatic, you have to press "Claim ETH" to get your money! NOTE: ETH share CANNOT be stolen by attack, once you earned any amount of ETH is is yours, period!