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A simple yet powerful Java 11 TCP MITM proxy for Dofus 1.29.1 - Added RPC WebSockets server
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Art by @mofumanju


A simple yet powerful Java 11 TCP MITM proxy for Dofus 1.29.1

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Table of Contents


  • (optional) Install a MongoDB server on your system
  • Make sure you have an IDE that includes the Java 11 Developer Kit and Maven


  • Clone this repo to your local machine using


  • Import the project using the pom.xml into your favorite IDE and run a Maven package goal
  • You will find the jar file inside the target folder, named d1proxy-<version>.jar


  • Make sure the configuration file is in the same folder as your jar file
  • Configure the proxy as needed
  • Run the Proxy with Java 11

Quick start

  1. Install Java 11 and add it to your global PATH system variables
  2. Download the latest release files
  3. Put the file in the same directory as the d1proxy-<version>.jar file
  4. Go to Dofus Retro game directory, can be accessed from the Ankama Launcher. Look for this file structure (Windows): C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Ankama\zaap\retro
  5. Copy your original config.xml file to config.old.xml
  6. Copy the config.xml file you downloaded into this directory
  7. Start Dofus Retro. In the top right-hand corner select Official-MITM-proxy
  8. Open a console in the downloaded d1proxy-<version>.jar file
  9. Start the proxy java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar d1proxy-<version>.jar


  • Useful commands
  • (currently) Undetected by Ankama (but use at your own risk)
  • Community-based data sniffing
  • Quality of Life features to improve players experience
  • A Plugin system (Beta)
  • WebSockets RPC server


To get started...

Step 1

  • Option 1

    • 🍴 Fork this repo!
  • Option 2

    • 👯 Clone this repo to your local machine using

Step 2

  • HACK AWAY! 🔨🔨🔨

Step 3



RPC WebSockets server functionality added by rigwild. See D1Proxy-RPC-client for a Node.js RPC client.


  • How to disable the community sniffing features?
    • Set proxy.sniffing to false
  • How to run the proxy without MongoDB?
    • Set mongo.enabled to false
    • Please understand that disabling MongoDB will also disable the community sniffing features.
  • How can people connect to my proxy?
      1. Make sure proxy.ip is set on your WAN IP address
      1. Make sure the proxy.port provided is not blocked by your router and/or firewall
      1. Distribute them a config.xml that includes a corresponding connserver value.


Reach out to me at one of the following places!



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