Library for packing resources into a BizTalk Server deployable MSI file.
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Library to create and pack resources in to BizTalk Server specific MSI files.

Get started

Use NuGet to download the BtsMsiLib package.

// Create a BizTalk application object with specific name
var btsApplication = new BtsApplication("App1");

// Add the resources you'd like to use. Can be both BizTalk reources and more general .NET assemblies
var btsSchemaResource = new Resource(@"..\..\..\Data\BtsSample.Schemas.dll", ResourceType.BtsResource);

// Create the MSI and get back a file stream
var msiWriter = new MsiWriter();
var file = msiWriter.Write(btsApplication, new[] { btsSchemaResource });

// Write the file stream to disk
using (var destinationFile = File.Create(@"..\..\..\Export\MinimalisticBtsResourceTest.msi"))

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