A JavaScript NIfTI file format reader.
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A JavaScript NIfTI file format reader. This reader supports both NIfTI-1 and NIfT1-2 file formats, both compressed (.nii.gz) and uncompressed (.nii).


API and more examples

var data = // an ArrayBuffer
var niftiHeader = null,
    niftiImage = null,
    niftiExt = null;

if (nifti.isCompressed(data)) {
    data = nifti.decompress(data);

if (nifti.isNIFTI(data)) {
    niftiHeader = nifti.readHeader(data);
    niftiImage = nifti.readImage(niftiHeader, data);
    if (nifti.hasExtension(niftiHeader)) {
        niftiExt = nifti.readExtensionData(niftiHeader, data);


Get a packaged source file:

Or install via NPM:

npm install nifti-reader-js

Or install via Bower:

bower install nifti-reader-js


npm test


See the release folder for the latest builds or build it yourself using:

npm run build

This will output nifti-reader.js and nifti-reader-min.js to build/.


NIFTI-Reader-JS makes use of the following third-party libraries:

  • pako — for GZIP inflating