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Git Slides

A text-only presentation framework that gives you clean formatting with markdown and lets you focus on what matters. Plus, it also mixes very well with HTML presentation decks.

How to get started

Get your own slides repo on

This project is hosted on GitHub. Start creating markdown slides by forking this project and triggering a commit to your fork, Github will then create a slides project on your account and all your slides will be viewable on

  1. Create a fork of this repository (and leave a star when you're there anyway).

  2. Trigger a commit Github will now start building your slides page.

  3. Open your slides page

Bonus, Add all your HTML/markdown slides to the slides folder or start creating slides. Each slide will automatically be listed on the front page.

Local installation

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install reveal.js submodule git submodule update --init --recursive
  3. Install jekyll gem install jekyll
  4. Build jekyll serve build --watch


This is an example file called to create a slide deck.

# This creates a title slide
- With bullet points
- Which are unordered

# This creates a second title slide
1. Also
2. With bullet points
3. This time they are ordered (also known as numbered)

## Using two hash-tags you can create a sub-slide

## Sub-slides look really slick with animations
They can be accessed with the arrow keys on your keyboard, or will show up when pressing the space bar.

# You can also separate slides by using three dashes 

This is helpful when the next slide doesn't need a title, such as images,
bullet points and videos.

Here is an small overview of the markdown tags.

Prefix Result
# New title slide
## New sub-slide
--- New slide without a title
1. Ordered list on the slide
- Unordered list on the slide

Slide options

Option Description
background; image.jpg Specify an url to use as a background image
background-color: #3F3F3F Set a background color to the slide
background-video: TODO Set a video as a background. Youtube videos can be embedden a URL and will be played full-screen on the background
blur: 20 Make the background image blurred. On a scale of 0 to 100, whereas 100 is the most blurred.
animate: roll-in Make each bullet/image (after the option definition) in the slide come in with an animation. Animation options are: roll-in, fade-in, grow, shrink, highlight-red, highlight-blue.

General Shortcuts

When presenting your presentation, use the following shortcuts:

Press the letter What does it do
f Make your presentation F-ullscreen
n Popups-up a second window with a preview of the next slide and a box with your N-otes
o Opens an O-verview of all your slides.
b or . Turn the screen B-lack.
ESC Exit fullscreen.


Create presentations with Markdown, to focus on what matters.







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