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RiiConnect24 Patcher

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RiiConnect24 Patcher is a program made for easier installation of RiiConnect24. With it, you can just sit back and relax while the patcher does everything for you.


  • Auto updating - Keep the patcher up-to-date!
  • Decide if you want to run the manual patching or automatic guided patching.
  • You only have to download a .bat file for patching IOS31 & IOS80, EVC, CMOC, NC and Mail!
  • The patcher will automatically download any files that are required to patch everything.
  • IOS Patcher and Everybody Votes Channel Patcher in one.
  • Copying patched files to an SD Card that is already connected to the PC.
  • Downloading Wii Mod Lite and RiiConnect24 Mail Patcher and putting it on SD Card along with the WADs.

This patcher may contain bugs. If you spot any or are just having problems with the patcher in general, report them on our Issues Page, e-mail us at, or ask us for help on our Discord server

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